Hemos usado los servicios de Heloisa por varios años, y siempre se lo aconsejo a la gente que está en búsqueda de tranquilidad al momento de comprar una propiedad. Heloisa es muy entusiasta, preparada y tiene un profundo conocimiento de Miami. En cada interacción que he tenido con ella, he podido ver su profesionalismo: ella es eficiente, paciente, comprensiva y muy detallista. Absolutamente, la recomiendo!

Raquel Garcia

Tuve una excelente experiencia con Silvana. Elle fue profesional, de fácil trato y siempre estuvo disponible para contestar a todas mis preguntas. Silvana me ayudó a encontrar la casa de mis sueños y encontró compradores para mi apartamento. Ella es eficiente y pone atención a los detalles. Es una agente excepcional!

Caroline Bethleheim

Hoy vengo a decirles que realmente disfrute el haber adquirido mi propiedad a través de ustedes. Fueron extremadamente profesionales, y sobrepasaron mis expectativas. Los voy a referir a todos mis amigos que están buscando una propiedad en Florida, en
especial en Miami. Quiero decirles que además de comprar una propiedad, gane una amiga. Espero poder hacer más negocios con ustedes pronto.

María Teresa Gama

We knew Heloisa Arazi in the Internet and its performance was precise. We informed her our expectations, needs and goals and she acted accordingly to that. In the property acquisition period all the doubts that we could had were sorted out by Heloisa and her team. We are grateful to have the opportunity to live a few months in the year in Miami.

Ciro Ponte e Celso Cabana Prado

In reality, the concretization of a dream is an achievement that is made with much personal effort and a good dose of discipline. But not only. It is also essential the aid and guidance of people committed to make your achievement come true. From the first contacts to the formalization of the purchase, Heloisa Arazi`s professional performance was impeccable. She had demonstrated the sensitivity to understand exactly my expectations by selecting the best opportunities. In its turn, the information provided by her were always precise and accurate. Furthermore, she always guided me on each of the different stages involving the acquisition of a property. She also referral legal area professionals highly qualified, which provided me great support and, mostly, peace of mind throughout the negotiations. She accompanied all stages of the purchase process. Moreover, even after the negotiation ended, Heloisa always been zealous and preoccupied about several other details that go far beyond the negotiation. This concern, that has always been spontaneous, reveals personality traits that enrich her professional conduct: sincerity in personal relationships, honesty and commitment to the client dreams. We know these are qualities increasingly rare. I had recommended, I recommend and always will recommend her services!

Marcos Zilli

Heloisa is truly an amazing and caring person. She goes above and beyond of what is expected by a broker. She explains and walks you through the entire process. She is always available via phone, text or email. I will definitly recommend and use her again in the future.

Mark Garbulsky

Heloisa Arazi represented us when we purchased our new home in mid 2011, in the Aventura area. We were moving from downtown, expecting our first child and wanted a more kids friendly neighborhood and a more spacious home. It was a great experience and I have just great things to talk about AMG and Heloisa. She is very knowledgable about the Real State market, very professional and client oriented. She listens carefully to the client needs and delivers in a timely manner and with great quality what you are looking for. In such competitive market, Heloisa really differentiates herself by the way she builds relationships with her clients, and for her ethical standards.

Beatriz Nicolau

I’d like to thank Heloisa and all her staff for all the help and professional work in finding the perfect home for us in Miami (Sunny Isles Beach). She really knew how to find exactly what our family needed. Through the entire purchase process she was very helpful, responsive and very kind. She became our friend and someone we can count on here in Florida. She helped with the negotiation, took care of every detail, paperwork, inspections etc. Thanks to her we are now confident on buying a second property in Miami soon.

Carlos Barros

Mrs Arazi manages a condo I own and she has been outstanding ever since I decided to purchase the condo. I live in Brazil so it’s very nice that she is taking care of things on my behalf, because I am so far away. She is a very trustworthy professional and I highly regard her services. I would definitely recommend her.

Carlos Durval

We were introduced to Heloisa a few years ago when looking for a nice place to buy a second home in Florida. Not just her professionalism and huge knowledge about all the neighborhoods in Miami impressed us, but mainly her kindness and how we got to be friends after all. Buying a property in a different city our country is not just a matter of “purchasing process”, but everything surrounding it: legal, accountants, who can you count on, who is going to take care of the residence while you are not there. Well Heloisa is taking care of us here in Florida! Thank you Heloisa and hope we can always be friends in Miami.

Bruna Virolli

She is amazing! We bought 3 properties in Miami with her. We met her in 2013 and since that she is our realtor. She is ready to inform and helps us for everything we needed.

Daniela Gazzinelli

I have stated that I had the best possible experience with the professional advice of Heloisa Arazi, in the process of acquiring my home in Miami. In all circumstances, she was always present, with solutions and demonstrations of high technical and market knowledge, besides being very competent in the matter of interpersonal relationship, which helps a lot in processes like this. Finally, I inform that I will always thanks for Heloisa Arazi, for taking such good care of my family’s wishes, and will not hesitate to indicate her it to my friends.

Ednaldo Edilei Franco

I could not recommend anyone more highly than Heloisa! Her many years of experience as well as professionalism makes the entire process a pleasant one. Heloisa is very knowledgeable and always goes out of her way to help, answer questions, and provide exceptional client service. Do not work with anyone else! Finally, I inform that I will always thanks for Heloisa Arazi, for taking such good care of my family’s wishes, and will not hesitate to indicate her it to my friends.

Oren A.

Always with good mood, with professionalism and a lot of attention, Heloisa helped us with all in our apartment in Aventura-FL. She mediated the purchase, she accompanied the contract operational details, she coordinated the makeover we made in the apartment, and she inclusive bought furniture and appliances. Years after she is still kind, reminding us of matters of interest and answering any questions we have. For all this, we had built full confidence in Heloisa `s character and professional qualities that was justified.

Fabiana M. e José Carlos Francisco

Buying a real estate outside of Brazil, specifically in USA, is no piece of cake. It exists a whole legislation and market different from what we know. Heloisa Arazi was the cornerstone of the acquisition process that we had experienced, both in the pursuit of a real estate ideal for our family, in legal advice and even assisting other everyday life necessities for someone that is arriving in a new country. I certainly recommend her!

Elizabeth Ribeiro

I bought my property in Miami Beach through Heloisa Arazi and I only managed to make this dream come true with her persistence and professionalism. Even after buying the real estate, it is Heloisa who resolves all the needs I have with it … it is really much safer and peaceful when we have a person of trust and friendly advising us from A to Z, like HeloisA AraZi does.

Avelino T.

I certify with much satisfaction that I have bought an apartment in Aventura, in Florida through Ms. Heloisa Arazi, and that her performance was excellent in all aspects of the transaction.

Helder Moraes

In December 2013 I acquired an apartment in Aventura through Heloisa Arazi, a competent and serious professional. When we Brazilians think of buying a property in the US, a lot of questions and doubts about the deal arise. Heloisa, with her experience, makes it very easy, speeding up all the process. I am very happy with my property… and thankful, and I refer Heloisa Arazi.

Paulo Sanchez

2 years ago we acquired an apartment in the Mystic Pointe Condominium in AventuraFL. The mediation was made by Heloisa Arazi, from the presentation, sale, documentation with the referral of a local attorney and “after sale” administration to today. We are very happy with the acquisition and also to enjoy Heloisa`s friendship.

Jerson e Mara Pacchioni

The amount of attention, dedication and effort the put into our home buying experience was unparalleled. Heloisa exemplifies the difference between someone trying to close a deal on a Apartment and someone trying to help you find a apartment. Heloisa held our hand through every step of a very intimidating process – from finding the right property, to negotiating in my favor, to advocating on my behalf.

Alon A.